Thursday, 30 September 2021

How Shopify Is Shifting The E-Commerce Landscape

With lakhs of businesses forced to shut down amid covid lockdown globally, business owners are almost compelled to go online as this was perhaps the most disruptive year for retail economy.  With thousands of businesses going online, the question they ask is which store front do they use to create the product database on. Shopify in this case has been dominating the landscape off retail eCommerce. Shopify product listings stand out and act as the most convenient and enticing platform for buyers to purchase. 

Shopify is democratizing e-commerce

In words of Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke, "Amazon is trying to build an empire. Shopify is trying to arm the rebels." Shopify, in a sense is facilitating democracy in eCommerce by enabling small and medium-sized businesses to build a unique space for themselves amidst the most crowded retail eCommerce giants like Amazon. 

Global E-commerce competition expected to take a battle form in 2021.

How to dominate this phase and beat your peers to get the most ?

Shopify offers you the store front you are looking at with all features. But still you need a trained team to manage your shopify store in terms of Shopify product upload, Shopify order processing and management, Shopify product image editing and upload etc. This all needs a trained team to do the work skilfully. Doing this task inhouse could cost a business huge chunk of money. Also, as it is an on going task, the cost of infrastructure, salaries and time invested in this is quite likely to cause unnecessary delay to your business growth and you might end up spending too much time in back end data entry tasks which may make you focus less on core sales, thereby effecting your avenues of growth. 

The best way out for this is to find a good outsourcing team offshore and get your back end data entry and product listing work done by them. This would enable you to have enough time to do your core business activities to beat your peers and enable the business growth. On the other hand, you save operational costs as much as 80%. To put it in ratio, you can hire as many as 10 people offshore to do the task in as much money as you wowuld give to one person in house. This gives tremendous advantage to you in terms of cost effectiveness and work quality as well. 

How to forge a digital path to retail eCommerce success in 2021.

Post 2020, it has been a paradigm shift in terms of eCommerce growth. Coming years are going to be transformative for retail. Too convert the highly demanding and informed buyers into your clients, you might need a  multi pronged strategy, to get the desired results and improve your retail business day by day. Here are some tips for your digital Ecommerce strategy:

  1. Adopt a multi-channel business approach to offer better shopping experience.
  2. Invest in automated supply chain system for better results and quick delivery. 
  3. Hire a reliable offshore outsourcing team for back end data entry, product upload services, order processing etc. 
  4. Analyze consumer choices and create relevant strategies. 
  5. Offer 24*7 customer support and communicate to client effectively. 
  6. Execute a loyalty program to retain customers. 

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